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  • “Mark Carr & Co have always been brilliant at recognising the complex and individual tax needs that the creative industries can entail. They are organised, responsive, reliable, and full of good advice. I’d thoroughly recommend them to any actor.”

    Anna Popplewell, Actor

  • "Mark and his team have looked after myself and my business over the last 5 years and is now a treasured family friend. Need I say more! Mark Carr is an accountant who makes sure you understand the language, filling confused performers with complete confidence."

    Mia Terry, Creative Director

  • “I have been with Mark Carr & Co for many years now, particularly like the one to one approach and have recommended them many times.”

    Carole Todd, Director and Choreographer

  • “Having used Mark’s company for over ten years now and thus having met him on a number of occasions, I can honestly say he is that rarest of breeds – an accountant with a sense of humour. I’ve only ever met one other of these before, a female of the species, and I liked her so much I’m now going out with her. Maybe Mark had a lucky escape. On top of this, the service his company provides is exemplary. Always friendly, always efficient, and always on the other end of the phone to offer helpful advice – they are that oddity in the modern world – a business that absolutely puts its clients first.”

    Chris Lang, Scriptwriter/Actor

  • “I’ve been working with Mark Carr & Co for the last 5 years and as my career and business have grown so has our relationship. Mark has been there every step of the way, he’s seen the highs and lows but has always maintained his constant professional support in something that seemed completely alien to me. Thank you Mark for always answering our calls for help, we really appreciate your business! I highly recommend.”

    Percy Ascott, Actor and Director

  • “Mark always, always gets back to me…even when it’s a fiddley little nothing question. Never regretted going with him. Top man.”

    Richard Ireson, Director of the theatrical agency, The Narrow Road Company Ltd

  • “I can’t recommend Mark Carr and his company highly enough. In fact I’ve already recommended them to many friends! It’s great to feel one hundred percent looked-after, and to know that your finances are in safe hands. Every person involved in the company is diligent, quick, takes great care, and is always friendly and easy to talk to, and one-to-one service is just taken for granted. Filing a tax return is never fun, but Mark Carr makes it easy and takes the stress out of it. Plus, you always get a cuppa when you call in!”

    Elin Manahan Thomas, Soprano singer

  • “Mark Carr was recommended to me when I was faced with about 5 years of uncompleted tax returns, all shoved into plastic bags, which I duly brought with me to our first meeting. He didn’t even flinch! Just said, “I think I’d better take care of those” and I’ve never looked back. Best decision I’ve ever made, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him and his team. Oh and he’s also a thoroughly nice chap who does his bit for charity too.”

    Ella Kenion, Actress

  • “From day one we’ve found Mark Carr to be extremely efficient and always ready to help with any queries. We would warmly recommend him and his team.”

    Emma and Sulivan Sweetland, International Artist Management

  • “To get my accounts, tax and financial headaches all done pretty effortlessly with easy access, quick thorough replies (and with wit and the occasional top music track tip) is all one can really ask for. Mark and his A1 team are slowly cornering me into selling my abacus, stapler and paperclips as they drag me screaming into the new technology of our scary new world!! Over 10 years of excellent service.”

    Nick van Eede, Songwriter

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