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The best ways to contact HMRC

Following damning statistics showing record delays, HMRC’s phone services are to be improved. In the meantime is there a way to get a quicker response; What are the best ways to contact HMRC?

The best alternatives to phoning HMRC

If you’ve phoned HMRC recently you’ll know about the mostly useless automated messages and the endless menus that follow. You might even have heard “We are currently experiencing high call volumes please try later...” click! Or been left hanging on the line so long that you start to wonder if there’s anyone there.

You can’t have missed the press headlines announcing that nearly 50% of calls to HMRC go unanswered. It’s a scandal that’s gone on for too long and the government has bowed to pressure and agreed to commit £45 million to improve matters. But it won’t happen overnight.So, what are the best ways to contact HMRC, and help you keep your sanity.

Tip 1. Pick your time. If possible aim to call between 8.00am and 11.00am on weekdays. This is the least busy time for calls. Avoid calling near closing time, which on weekdays is 8.00pm.

Tip 2. Don’t call if you don’t need to. If you’re just notifying HMRC of a new address or another non-urgent matter, write instead.

Tip 3. Use e-mail where possible. HMRC has a few dedicated e-mail services for handling certain types of questions. Such as:

You’ll receive a speedier response than a letter, plus you usually receive an immediate acknowledgment meaning HMRC can’t issue its stock excuse of “Oh! we didn’t get your letter, send it again please.”

Tip 4. Call us!  We have a priority line to HMRC. This line has more available manpower dedicated to it.

You can reach us on: 020 7717 8474 or 01273 778802, you could even drop us an email on: