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New audition expenses guidelines - Are you eligible?

Equity has issued new guidelines for audition expenses. Due to the high amount of callbacks you are experiencing, these new guidelines have been introduced in an attempt to reduce this.

Are you eligible to claim your audition expenses?

Due to the high amount of call backs some productions require, reportedly up to 15 for some musicals, these amended expense guidelines will hopefully deter producers from too many call-backs due to the associated cost.

You can find a copy of the claim form along with the guidelines through the union’s resource centre.

The guidelines state that after your third audition for a show you will be able to claim the travel expenses back. This is if you’re audition is in London and you have to travel from outside Zone 4 to get there.

You can claim travel expenses when travelling from your home, or from wherever you are at the time of the audition. Your travel expenses will still be included even when you’re working away from home. Included within these guidelines is what is regarded as reasonable travel; flights, train fares and petrol.

It’s good to remember though that there are other expenses you’re entitled to, outside of auditions. For more information on this please get in touch! You can call us on: 020 7717 8474 or email us at: