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Stress free tax return preparation is not a myth!

Are you self-employed? Do you struggle to prepare your self-assessment tax return information in good time? Check out our top tips and never miss a deadline again!

How best to prepare for tax return season?

Our pro tip for relieving tax return stress is really easy! All you have to do is email us your bank transactions for the year, shortly after 5th April 2015.

Most banks these days enable you to download all your transactions for a given period in Excel or CSV format.

Each bank is slightly different on how you do this. However the procedure is very similar on each one.

Example for Santander:

  • You would need go to your online banking webpage and log in as normal
  • Click on the bank account that contains your business transactions
  • Locate the down arrow to the left of “Download transactions” and click on that
  • Enter your accounting period dates. For many of you this will run with the tax year (06/04/14 to 05/04/15)
  • Check that you have selected the Microsoft Excel option.
  • Click download.
  • Locate the download file on your computer and email it to us. If you use a mac make sure you save it for use on a PC.

Any problems with this procedure do let us know.

Once we have the Excel or CSV it should be a fairly straight forward procedure to enter the transactions on to our accounting software.

If you supply this information to us as early as possible (April/May would be perfect!), we can get a head start on the work. You can then follow up with the relevant income and expenditure receipts.

Follow the above and you should be able to sleep a little easier come December/January time!

If you need any assistance with the above procedure don’t hesitate to call us on: 01273 778802 or email us at: