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Do you need our Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service?

Enquiries by HMRC can be RANDOM and are a serious disruption to your business and personal life and may take a very long time to resolve. Inevitably it will involve your accountants and tax advisers in a great deal of additional work which will be expensive.

Even if HMRC finds nothing as a result of an investigation, you will still have the related professional fees to pay as a result.

To provide peace of mind we offer all of our clients a Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service. The service is backed by an insurance policy which we have taken out in our own name and under which we can claim the costs of defending clients who face tax enquiries.

If you work in the entertainment industry, we are always happy to help

As specialist media and entertainment Chartered Accountants, we provide a range of services and expertise for those in media and entertainment and sport personalities.