Looking for a firm of accountants that understands the entertainment industry?

When you’re a performer, it’s always hard to spend enough time keeping on top of the paperwork… bookkeeping, invoices, payments and all that stuff that seems to take over your life.

We speak to you openly and honestly and promise not to confuse you with jargon. We want you to feel comfortable to pick up the phone to us whenever you need to. We will work with you in the way that suits you – in person, on the phone or online.

So if you’re looking for a firm of accountants that understands the entertainment industry, a firm that knows exactly what performers and entertainers need and has years of experience doing it, you need to talk to Mark Carr & Co.

We’ve got offices in London and Hove but that doesn’t mean we’re too big to care. Far from it. We are a small team and that means you get personal service from Day 1.

We’ll take care of all the stuff you hate

We take care of all the stuff you hate… Like bookkeeping and accounts, tax, invoices and receipts. All that nitty-gritty stuff that clogs up your life.

Come and talk to Mark Carr & Co and you’ll soon realise that life can be so much simpler when you have a firm of accountants working for you who understand you and the difficulties of being on the road for weeks at a time, of having to fly off at a moment’s notice. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that we’re looking after everything for you.

And that’s not all…

We’ll help you think about your future

Keeping on top of the paperwork, preparing accounts and working out your tax is all well and good. But, as they say, you’re only as good as your last performance, so if you wish we will assess your needs and point you in the direction of our affiliated professionals to help you with savings, pensions and protection.

We think you’ll find life is so much more relaxing when we’re part of your backstage staff.

Register today for your free consultation with one of the friendliest firms of accountants in London and Hove.