On stage? On screen? On location? Why we think you’ll enjoy working with us

An accountant is an accountant, Accountants are all the same, “Accountants use too much jargon

It’s OK, these aren’t phrases describing us!

Sometimes it pays to throw away your preconceptions and accept that even accountants are people. Boring is optional! Some can be funny, effective, or even inspirational! We strive to be all three.

Whether you are on stage, on screen or on location, we think you’ll enjoy working with us. We specialise in being accountants for actors and others in the entertainment industry. And if you’re looking for a pigeon-hole to put us in, here are just a few of the words our clients have used to describe us:

Honest, dependable, helpful and above all excellent at explaining the stuff I don’t understand without making me feel stupid…!

“That rarest of breeds – an accountant with a sense of humour.”

Always friendly, always efficient and always on the other end of the phone to offer helpful advice.

Diligent, quick, takes great care, and is always friendly and easy to talk to, and one-to-one service is just taken for granted.

A thoroughly nice chap who does his bit for charity too.

Whatever your opinions of accountants might be at the moment, let us show you our alternative approach.

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